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Pauline Thomas Artist

About Pauline Thomas

Pauline Thomas is an abstract artist producing bold stylised paintings celebrating the Welsh Landscape and powerful, thought provoking art. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in London and throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia. Pauline has a passion for painting and the part of the world that she lives in. Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Dubai.

Her inspiration has been derived from her life in west Wales, her past work in the agricultural sector working within the changing landscape, weather and rhythm of the rural way of life and by the folklore and history of her surrounding communities as well as the beautiful coastline where she lives. 

Pauline is self-taught and unafraid of experimenting in new ways of producing artwork, which has allowed her work to develop outside the confines of convention and enabled her to produce works of true originality.

Pauline was a finalist of the “UK Liberte d’ Expression Competition 2006″, selected for the International Art Competition “Hands Off” in 2007 and recognised as work of distinction in the Americas Biennial in 2008.  Pauline was also awarded the Diploma of Academician Member of The International Academy Santarita, by world renowned artist Armando Farina, for artistic merit in 2014.

Her paintings have been used to decorate the lobbies of many major blue chip companies including Petro Canada London Bridge and Barclays Bank at Canary Wharf. Her work has also been used to illustrate calendars, web based advertisements and books e.g. “Origin of Cancer”, by Springer and “Pushing out the Boat”, a magazine for new writing. 

Paulines original paintings are available for sale via Gallery manager Cassandra Jones at Off the Wall Gallery Cardiff ,  Little Van Gogh, James Earley at New Genius and Aileen Mitchell gallery manager of the Art Gallery Tetbury. Many of Paulines paintings have been successful in the interior design market, sold as fine art prints on paper or canvas.

Pauline’s artwork provokes thought and stimulates conversation, ideal for the collector, modern home or innovative business.



    2019 ET Canary Wharf Level 20.

    2018 ET London

    2018 Napp Cambridge

    2017 XX International Exhibition, Accademia Internazionale Santarita.         Turin

    2017 Pop Art Exhibition, Accademia Internazionale Santarita, Turin

    2016 Christmas Art 2016, Accademia Internazionale Santarita,                   Turin

    2016 Grand Masters of Graphic, Accademia Internazionale Santarita,         Turin

    2016 Summer Shimmers, Off the Wall Gallery, Llandaff, Cardiff

    2016 International Art Exhibition Remember Art,                                       Accademia Internazionale Santarita, Turin  

    2016 International Biennial of Modern Art, Figure portrait and                     self- portrait, Turin

  • 2015 International Art Exhibition "ARTEINSIEME 2015" Turin

  • 2015 Europa Art 2015, Turin,Italy

  • 2015 Sfer Art, Turin

  • 2014 Art Miami, See Me, Booth 101  7th Dec 2014 .

  • 2014 Giallo Rosso Blu, Sala Mostre Circoscrizione, Turin, Italy

  • 2014 Colour of Life II exhibition, ICAS Gallery Letchworth Garden City

  • 2014 Colour of Life exhibition, ICAS Gallery, Letchworth Garden City

  • 2013 Arte: Ponte tra culture e difference, Torino

  • 2013 Expo 2013, Torino

  • 2013 Grande expo internazionale nel parco, Torino

  • 2013 Grandi maestri internazionali della grafica, Torino

  • 2013 Christmas Show ICAS Gallery, Letchworth Garden City

  • 2013 Artist Fair I Edizione — at Expo La Spezia

  • 2013 Il Colore del Suone exhibition 2 Rocca dei Rettori, Benevento

  • 2013 Il Colore del Suone exhibition 1, Chiostro di San Francesco, Alatri

  • 2013 Group exhibition with Armando Farina at Science Museum of Freidano, Settimo, Italy

  • 2013 Solo exhibition “Wallscapes” at Dahl Gallery, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

  • 2013 Solo exhibition “Rhythm of Colour” Art Project Studio-Galleries curated by Cultural Association of Naples, Benevento, Italy

  • 2013 The “International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Arte ai Bastioni , Bastioni Carlo V, Brindisi, Italy

  • 2013 A Woman’s Touch: Celebrating International Women’s Day, Off the Wall Gallery Cardiff

  • 2012 Solo Exhibition.“Art on a Brick Wall” The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Llanelli

  • 2012 Solo Exhibition.“Oceanus” Partnership House, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale

  • 2012 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Swansea museum, Swansea

  • 2012 Group exhibitions, Off the Wall Gallery, Cardiff

  • 2012 Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures, Off the Wall Gallery, Cardiff

  • 2011 Christmas Show, Ceri Richards Gallery, Swansea University

  • 2011 Group exhibition by Professional Artists Wales and the Borders, Oriel Washington, Penarth

  • 2011 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Aardvark, Brampton Bryan

  • 2011 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Llangollen Pavillion, Llangollen, Wales

  • 2011 Swansea Museum Art Exhibition, Swansea museum, Swansea

  • 2010 Solo exhibition. Exhibition of framed prints.Partnership House, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, Manchester

  • 2010 The Atrium and Central Library, Atrium, Cardiff

  • 2010 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Swansea Museum, Swansea

  • 2010 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Llangollen International Pavilion, Llangollen

  • 2010 Tyre as part of group exhibition, Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester

  • 2009 Mini Print Exhibition, Artlink, Hull

  • 2009 Solo Exhibition.The Tsunami Series, Partnership House, Rochdale, Rochdale

  • 2009 MailART, Tron Theatre, Glasgow

  • 2009 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibtion, Swansea Museum, Swansea

  • 2009 Digital Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne

  • 2009 Magic Numbers Exhibition, Creative Art Gallery, Oxford

  • 2009 Globe Gallery Art Sale, Globe Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • 2009 Group exhibition, Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester

  • 2009 Art A Bridge Between Cultures and Differences, Anitchi Chiostri 25 Turin Italy, Turin

  • 2008 Snap to Grid, LACDA, Los Angeles

  • 2008 Tros Gynnal Art Exhibition, Swansea Museum, Swansea

  • 2008 Melbourne Fringe festival, Melbourne.

  • 2008 Solo exhibition of framed prints, Partnership house, Rochdale

  • 2008 Works on paper, Elysium Gallery, Swansea

  • 2008 Mid Wales Open, Oriel Cambria, Tregaron

  • 2007 Hands Off Exhibition, 621 Gallery, Tallahasse, Florida

  • 2007 Mid Wales Open Art Fair, Oriel Cambria Gallery, Tregaron

  • 2006 Barclays Bank HQ, Canary Wharf, London

  • 2006 Liberte d’ Expression, Candid Arts Trust, Islington

  • 2006 Snap Grid Exhibition, LACDA, Los Angeles

  • 2006 Homes & Gardens Show, United Counties Showground, Carmarthen

  • 2006 Group Exhibition, Gallery Gora, Montreal

  • 2005 Group Exhibition, The Old Pharmacy Restaurant, Solva

  • 2005 Group Exhibition, REDPAS digital print and cut, Haverfordwest

  • 2005 Solo Exhibition, King Street Gallery, Carmarthen



Pauline Thomas Artist

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